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Worst feeling ever, feeling uncomfortable in your own skin! Growing up, as kid in Oak Cliff in a Hispanic household with good food there was never a big emphasis on being fit and eating healthy, I knew I had to make a change when I reached 250+ at the age of 15. Trust me, being an overweight teen in high school isn’t easy! As a freshman, it hit me and I decided to get in shape. I played football, joined the power lifting team, and used any other resource at my disposal to loose weight, gain muscle, and build the confidence that I always wanted. After High School I didn’t stop, I continued my healthy lifestyle and pursued it as a career. I began helping people from all difference types of backgrounds achieve that very same feeling, comfort in their very own skin! I was a manager at Blast Fitness and have been training people for over 5 years. Now, my motivation to be healthy is mainly driven by the joy I see in my clients, the feeling of being the best for my wife and a strong role model for my son. I train to help others reach their fitness goals and to show how a healthy life can be amazing."


Personal Trainer

Dallas, Texas

5 Years of Experience



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