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Personal Trainer

Dallas, Texas

5 Years of Experience



Worst feeling ever, feeling uncomfortable in your own skin! Growing up, as kid in Oak Cliff in a Hispanic household with good food there was never a big emphasis on being fit and eating healthy, I knew I had to make a change when I reached 250+ at the age of 15. Trust me, being an overweight teen in high school isn’t easy! As a freshman, it hit me and I decided to get in shape. I played football, joined the power lifting team, and used any other resource at my disposal to loose weight, gain muscle, and build the confidence that I always wanted. After High School I didn’t stop, I continued my healthy lifestyle and pursued it as a career. I began helping people from all difference types of backgrounds achieve that very same feeling, comfort in their very own skin! I was a manager at Blast Fitness and have been training people for over 5 years. Now, my motivation to be healthy is mainly driven by the joy I see in my clients, the feeling of being the best for my wife and a strong role model for my son. I train to help others reach their fitness goals and to show how a healthy life can be amazing."

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Personal Trainer

Laredo, Texas

5 Years of Experience

University of Austin, Finance & Kinesiology


I cannot emphasize how passionate i am about fitness and health. In 2009 I reached my heaviest weight of 350lbs. After suffering multiple injuries ranging from rupturing my knee twice,tearing my hamstring and injuring my shoulder and back. I took it upon myself to learn about the rehab side of weight lifting and drastically changed the way I lived. I gained strength and confidence that I never dreamt possible. I have been training people since 2010 and have had a variety of clients. Many of which dealt with injuries or medical problems they felt they would never over come, ranging any where from back problem, herniated disk and heart surgeries. It gives me a joy I cannot describe when the people I train are able to do things they thought they would never do. I truly love helping people start on their fitness journey. From personal experience I understand how difficult it can be to reach out for help or figuring out where to begin. Here at Core Fitness we want to help you reach your goals. "


Personal Trainer

Dallas, Texas

2 Years of Experience



Just like the majority of women entering the gym I found my self spending most of my time running on the treadmill and hitting abs in hopes of getting a skinny body. For the longest I couldn’t pry my eyes off the scale, it controlled my eating and my image of what I thought I wanted. After months of running and running I dropped to 108, yes I was skinny but in all honesty it was the worst health I had ever reached. My knees ached I found myself starving myself and I was headed on a road to destruction. I didn’t want to touch weights because I was scared of getting bulky but because of the constant running my knees suffered. I had to lay off running for a while but in that time I got the courage to lift weights and since then I haven’t looked backed. I can’t ever imagine not lifting and I want show others especially women that there is something beautiful and addicting to lifting and working out! "

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